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Malai Kofta: Recipe

The latest dish was, Malai Kofta. I meant to make this for Missy’s birthday dinner, but the day was so hectic that I could not. So, I made it afterwards. As I received some enquiries about the recipe, I decided to post this here. But a caution… I can’t give exact measurements for anything. It… Read More Malai Kofta: Recipe

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She heard him after all those years, again, and could not breathe! She was worried about how she would meet him, face him, and here she was, her breath hitched, just after listening his voice. She choked on the lack of air, and remembered she had to breathe. Even breathing seemed a needless occupation at… Read More Breathe!



She cried herself to sleep, and got up in the morning with puffy eyes. She went to the basin to brush her teeth, following her daily ritual, and looked at her reflection through sleepy eyes. She gasped!! Her lids were so swollen, that her eyes seemed lost somewhere in between. She sighed in exasperation, and… Read More She

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Where is my nipple?

As the Breastfeeding Week is going on, well, literally coming to an end, there is something I wanted to talk about. A phenomenon called Flat Nipple. Have you heard about it? Have you struggled with it? I have, and I want to bring it out on the table, and start a discussion around it. When… Read More Where is my nipple?

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A Home On The Other Side

Pakistan. No, this is not exactly my home, but a home in Pakistan. Yes, you read it correct. It is in Jarranwala, Pakistan. It is the house where my paternal grandmother grew up. Yes, it is still there. No, I haven’t been there. A kind hearted photographer named Abid from the neighbouring country aligned with… Read More A Home On The Other Side

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What I Wrote to My Daughter’s School

Recently, my daughter’s school sent a circular, that all the mothers were supposed to send in a write up for a contest being held for the Mother’s Day. They had given a couple of themes, and the best entry would be getting a prize. I felt that both the given topics were not something I… Read More What I Wrote to My Daughter’s School

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Dare to…

Life as a female in our society generally forbids one word, and that word is, DARE. The more obedient and accepting you are, the better. The more confining to the standards of the society you are, the better. The more you don’t put your mind to use, the better. And going by all these criteria,… Read More Dare to…