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Words Can’t Bring Me Down

Words are powerful. Words can make or break. Words can uplift you, words can bring you down. I refuse to let words of others bring me down. I try not to be let down by them. I won’t say I am successful in doing so all the time, but most of the time, I am.… Read More Words Can’t Bring Me Down

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Shake it off! Will You?

Honestly, I had never heard this Taylor Swift song, ‘Shake It Off’. Have you? It has got some powerful lyrics! When I read the topics for this particular post, one simply jumped up to me. I didn’t know why, as I was unaware that such a song exists, let alone what it says. When I… Read More Shake it off! Will You?

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Fun Facts of Single Motherhood

I am a single mother, and I love being one! All you, if you have a tendency to feel the twinge of jealousy while watching someone else leading a good life, do not read any further, because that is what this write up is going to make you feel! Though it was fate at play… Read More Fun Facts of Single Motherhood


My History or Another History

Why do I fight the modern fads, while keeping my own history and heritage intact. Read on to know why we are not celebrating when the whole world is. As the world around gears up for Christmas, I have my own dilemma. To celebrate it or not. It is really not a dilemma, because I… Read More My History or Another History

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Easy Aamla Achaar | Easy Gooseberry Pickle

One of the traditional sides of Indian meal, which is easy to make, but is vanishing from our kitchens today is this Aamla Achaar or the Indian Gooseberry Pickle. Aamla is the richest source of Vitamin C around us. Everything about this achaar is simple and easy. Just a few ingredients, use your Indian intuition,… Read More Easy Aamla Achaar | Easy Gooseberry Pickle

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She heard him after all those years, again, and could not breathe! She was worried about how she would meet him, face him, and here she was, her breath hitched, just after listening his voice. She choked on the lack of air, and remembered she had to breathe. Even breathing seemed a needless occupation at… Read More Breathe!

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Where is my nipple?

As the Breastfeeding Week is going on, well, literally coming to an end, there is something I wanted to talk about. A phenomenon called Flat Nipple. Have you heard about it? Have you struggled with it? I have, and I want to bring it out on the table, and start a discussion around it. When… Read More Where is my nipple?

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A Home On The Other Side

Pakistan. No, this is not exactly my home, but a home in Pakistan. Yes, you read it correct. It is in Jarranwala, Pakistan. It is the house where my paternal grandmother grew up. Yes, it is still there. No, I haven’t been there. A kind hearted photographer named Abid from the neighbouring country aligned with… Read More A Home On The Other Side