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She heard him after all those years, again, and could not breathe!

She was worried about how she would meet him, face him, and here she was, her breath hitched, just after listening his voice. She choked on the lack of air, and remembered she had to breathe. Even breathing seemed a needless occupation at that moment. The world was spinning, and her ears were thumping hard, and she realized, it was not her ears, but her heart which had seemingly shifted from her chest to her ears, hence the loud thumping.

His voice was a shot of adrenaline to her heart + a shot of anesthesia to her senses.

She stood there, with the phone to her ear, pressing it hard against it as if avoiding the spilling out of her heart. Forgetting to speak, forgetting to blink, and forgetting to breathe! Not knowing what to do.

And then, she said, ‘Hi!’.



(Image courtesy: The wonderful artist Tripatleen Kaur. She can be reached at her profile here)

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