She cried herself to sleep, and got up in the morning with puffy eyes. She went to the basin to brush her teeth, following her daily ritual, and looked at her reflection through sleepy eyes. She gasped!! Her lids were so swollen, that her eyes seemed lost somewhere in between. She sighed in exasperation, and went on with brushing her teeth, while waking up her mind to the situation at hand. She had cried, a lot. But, the world was not to know it. It was her own and extremely personal matter. No one had the right to comment about or question it. But, in the current state, her eyes were bound to attract all the attention. She looked at the clock, and soaked in that she had just about two hours to fix it. But how, she was clueless.

She was a strong young lady, determined to fight her own battles. She had shown the world that she had it in her to defy norms and move forward. She was strong. Independent. Loyal. Modern. Traditional. Kind. Selfless. Thoughtful. Intelligent. Brave. Self-sufficient. Capable. Empathetic. But, she had a heart, which could be happy as well as sad. It experienced pain and ecstasy, both. And being the way her heart was, it experienced everything in extreme. It could be as soft as snow, but was capable of being as hard as granite. It was her mind which kept her self together. Over the years, she had trained her mind to take control of her heart. But as it was in some cases, her heart sometimes took over. It was one of those nights that she had cried herself to sleep. It had been a struggle between her desire and her strength, and expectations.

She took a deep breath and rolled her eyes in a futile effort to lessen the blob her eyes had become, but to no use. With a resolve, she took a bath with bone chilling water, to shock her swollen lids. It had helped.

She put in some more efforts to bring it under control, and putting on her minimal makeup was a part of it too.

She walked with a smile on her face and a determined step into her office and smilingly wished a very good morning to everyone, bringing the usual cheer all around her, but not to her own heart, at least not today. But she knew it will pass, like everything else!

She is every other modern girl, who strives to live, and laugh, despite everything else in life!

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  1. The heart sometimes takes over and she has to deal with it…that’s what makes her human, caring,empathetic. SHE is a very clued in person as this too will pass! Amazing to read!

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